Well, the big day is finally here.  A rematch of the classic Giants-Patriots Super Bowl of four years ago — hopefully the game is just as good (with the same result).

In equally big news, after culling through gobs of fan mail with questions galore, Historicalness.com has selected three of the most popular reader inquiries and set our crack research team to neither sleep nor eat until they’ve come back with answers.  Thankfully for us (and for them) their work is complete and the Q&A can begin.

Question #1: Which team should I root for?

Well, this is Historicalness.com, so the team’s historical strength is obviously the measure that matters most.  The clear winner is: the Giants.

The Giants joined the league in 1925.  The Patsies didn’t join until 1970.

The Giants’ storied history includes 18 hall of famers.  The Patsies have only 4.

The Giants have 7 league championships.  The Patsies have 3.

And the list goes on…

Question #2: Where does the name “Super Bowl” come from?

Good question.  In 1970, the two rival football leagues, the NFL and AFL, merged.  Lamar Hunt, who owned the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, coined the term in reference to the newly created championship game between the top two teams in each league.  The “Super Bowl” name became official in the new league’s third season.

Question #3: Why does Belichick only wear hoodies?

Perhaps the best question of all.  But there are certain things in the cosmos that even Historicalness.com can’t answer.

Go Jinties.