If you’re not already on the bandwagon — although I suspect many of you are since I’m apparently late to this tea party — the most entertaining historical show on TV right now is Downton Abbey, a drama set in WWI era England which follows the lives of a British aristocratic family and their trove of servants.

I only heard about it a couple of weeks ago, but thanks to our British friends who made the series, there are already two complete seasons — with a third kicking off in September.  For those of you playing catch up, you can:

  1. Power through Season 1 with some weekend dedication via Netflix (do the streaming option), and then set your DVR to your local PBS station to haul in the first four episodes of Season 2 (“new” episodes are on Sunday evenings).
  2. Buy the DVDs for both seasons

You’ll quickly settle on your favorite character as you imagine yourself running around this place in one way or another 100 years ago:

My favorite is the cook Mrs. Patmore, and I’ve reached the point now where I can decipher every fifth or sixth word she says under her thick accent.  Just makes her all the more lovable.

Let me know your favorites — as long as it’s not Thomas…